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We are a family run car garage based in Dunfermline Est. 1971
Car Air Conditioning in Dunfermline


Osborne Motors can regas, service, and repair your car’s air conditioning system, and we also offer an interior purification service – please ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for advice on your particular system.

Air conditioning servicing

Car air conditioning works in the same way as your refrigerator at home in that it circulates gases that continually cool your car’s interior.  Most air conditioning systems will require a service or regas every 1-2 years, although there are some units which can go for up to 5 years.  

System maintenance

A poorly maintained air conditioning system can emit unpleasant odours into your vehicle when used, caused by bacteria forming especially during colder months when the air conditioning isn’t being used.  Our internal purification service is a great refresh for your system after winter to ensure that when warmer weather comes in you can use your air conditioning right away without any nasty odours in your car.

If you would like to know more about how to keep your system healthy, read our helpful blog post on it here.

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