Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

DPF Blog at Osborne Motors

Why do modern diesel cars have a DPF and what do they do? If your diesel car was registered after September 2010 (as well as some late 2009/early 2010 models), then it will be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter.  The filter stops soot from the engine being emitted into the atmosphere. Without one, it […]

Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres in Dunfermline at Osborne Motors

After a couple of quite nasty cold spells in the UK in the past few years, winter tyres are becoming more popular as drivers look for ways to travel more safely in low temperatures. But are they worth having? What are winter tyres? Winter tyres are made of a softer compound that regular tyres, they […]

Car Servicing

Car Service in Dunfermline at Osborne Motors

Unlike an MOT, it isn’t compulsory to have your car serviced, but your vehicle is more likely to pass its MOT with no major issues if you keep it in good condition. See our tips here for our advice on saving time and money on your MOT. So what should you expect when you bring […]

Keeping Your Car Air Conditioning Healthy

Car Air Conditioning in Dunfermline

It’s that time of year when our local garage customers in Dunfermline are being treated to some sunshine. That means looking out the sunglasses, getting in to the car to head for a picnic or a day out, switching on the air conditioning and… what is that smell?! As nice as it is to have […]

6 Cheap and Easy Ways to Save Money on Your MOT

MOT Dunfermline

We all know that a yearly MOT is an unavoidable expense as a motor owner, but many MOT failures could be avoided by simply getting into some good car maintenance habits. Don’t wait until your car is in the garage for its MOT to find out that you need a new lightbulb or a new […]

Spring clean your car

Spring Clean your Car in Dunfermline

Now that some sunnier weather is finally with us, we hope you’ll be enjoying some nice days out with family and friends. We’re all used to giving the house a spring clean, but don’t forget to give your car the once over to get it back looking its best. Osborne Motors in Dunfermline can be […]