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Car Diagnostics Dunfermline


The development of computers within modern vehicles means that the performance of many parts of the car can be determined by running a diagnostic check.


Do I need a diagnostic check on my car?

The most obvious sign that something isn’t functioning correctly in your vehicle is a warning light showing on your dashboard.  In this case, we can run a diagnostic check on your car’s computer to establish what repairs are required to correct it.


What will a diagnostic check tell me?

The diagnostic check can reveal problems with many of your car’s functions, including transmission, oil and fuel tanks, the exhaust system, and much more depending on your specific vehicle’s computer.


How long does a diagnostic check take?

Typically, the diagnostic check takes around an hour.  Our experienced mechanics will advise if any additional work is required afterwards and we will contact you to let you know and to provide you with a competitive quote.


Can you reset a dashboard warning light?

Yes.  When a problem occurs in your vehicle’s engine it logs a fault code with the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The diagnostic code reader our mechanics use not only reads the faults recorded but will clear the fault codes from your vehicle’s ECU memory once the fault has been repaired.

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