Unlike an MOT, it isn’t compulsory to have your car serviced, but your vehicle is more likely to pass its MOT with no major issues if you keep it in good condition. See our tips here for our advice on saving time and money on your MOT.

So what should you expect when you bring your car to Osborne Motors in Dunfermline for a service?

As a general guide, your vehicle will benefit from a full service every 12 months, or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). Osborne Motors also offers an intermediate service which is recommended at 6 months, or 6,000 miles.

What does it involve?

An intermediate service should include a check and replacement if required of your vehicle’s oil and filters, whilst a full service includes checks of 50+ parts of your car, plus topping up of any fluids if
necessary. Osborne Motors also include a full brake overhaul as part of our full service. Any additional work required due to faults found during the service will be advised to you so you can give the go ahead for the additional costs.

How long does it take?

An intermediate service will take approximately 1.5 hours, and a full service around 3 hours, but this will depend on the amount of work required to replace any filters, top up fluid levels, etc.

Why should I service my car regularly?

Although not compulsory, it is good practice to keep your vehicle running well. Much of what is covered by a service will overlap with your MOT, so regular servicing should result in your car having fewer issues during the MOT. As well as this, having cleaner fluids and filters in your vehicle will
make it more fuel efficient, saving you money at the pump and reducing the risk of it breaking down.

Osborne Motors offer both full and intermediate services for your vehicles, and are happy to offer advice on which you should choose, dependant on your vehicle and its age.

Please contact us to have a chat about your requirements.

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