It’s that time of year when our local garage customers in Dunfermline are being treated to some sunshine. That means looking out the sunglasses, getting in to the car to head for a picnic or a day out, switching on the air conditioning and… what is that smell?!
As nice as it is to have air conditioning in our vehicles in warm weather, in countries like Scotland where we don’t need it for a large chunk of the year this means that mould and bacteria can build up in the system and that leads to a damp mildew smell – not pleasant on a hot day!

You can clean the system out using a cleaning fluid, or you can book your car in at Osborne Motors for our interior purification service, which eliminates the bacteria that causes the bad odour and leaves a fresh and clean smell throughout.
Air conditioning systems can also alert you to other car problems, so it’s worth making yourself familiar with some common ones.

Sweet smell – this smell can be coming from liquid ethylene glycol, or antifreeze.
Exhaust fume smell – if your brakes aren’t working efficiently, this can be the cause of a chemical odour being passed through your air conditioning system. These fumes can make you feel light headed so it’s best to have it checked out as soon as possible.

Dirty filters – check and replace your air filters regularly to prevent dirt and grime building up on them and emitting a stale odour into your vehicle.[/hoot_one_half]

[hoot_one_half last=”yes”]Other problems that can occur include your air conditioning not switching on or off. Both are frustrating depending on the weather outside, but reasons for the fault could be a faulty cable, a short circuit in the system, or a broken control dial/button.
If you are concerned at all, please contact us at Osborne Motors where our highly skilled and experienced mechanics will recommend the best course of action to fix your air conditioning problem.

As well as our interior purification service, we also re-charge, service and repair air conditioning for all makes and models including hybrids.

Keep your car air conditioning healthy and enjoy summer even more.[/hoot_one_half]

So we hope you like this hand advice on keeping your air conditioning fresh.
Get to know your car and learn how to carry out a few small jobs yourself and MOT time should be a much less stressful affair, for both you and your wallet!

Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope you liked it and we hope to see you soon at Osborne Motors Dunfermline.
From all of us, Safe and Happy Motoring.

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