After a couple of quite nasty cold spells in the UK in the past few years, winter tyres are becoming more popular as drivers look for ways to travel more safely in low temperatures.

But are they worth having?

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are made of a softer compound that regular tyres, they usually include a higher percentage of natural rubber in the mix which stays softer and more flexible as temperatures drop (usually below +7°C). Regular tyres tend to become more rigid in low temperatures, which means they don’t grip the surface as well.

As well as being softer, the tread on winter tyres is specially designed not only to increase the surface area of the tyres for improved handling, but to collect snow, improving the traction of your vehicle on snow and ice.

Winter tyres also generally have deeper grooves that displace water better than summer tyres do.

How much do they cost?

As with summer tyres, winter tyres are available at a variety of price points. How much they cost is really dependant on various factors. Consider your location; do you live in a remote rural area likely to be cut off during inclement weather, or do you live in town? Also think about the type of car you drive; there are lower priced budget options that might suit a small car, or a family car. There are higher end options available if you want to keep a high specification to your sports car. Speak to the experienced staff at Osborne Motors in Dunfermline to discuss your own particular requirements and get a quote. And don’t forget that as well as replacing your 4 tyres, you should also keep a winter spare.

When should I fit them?

There is no point waiting for a blizzard to strike to think about fitting your winter tyres. As a general rule, you could have them on your car between October and March, when the outside temperature is usually consistently dropping to +7°C or less, but keep an eye on the weather forecasts and adjust this to suit any unseasonably high or low temperatures.

If you have any other questions about winter tyres, please speak to anyone at Osborne Motors for advice. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, family run business in Dunfermline and are happy to help our customers whenever we can. CONTACT US.

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